USNC-IECRE Open Ballots – All USNC-IECRE members eligible to vote will receive a ballot by e-mail. Please register your vote through the ballot link. A second e-mail (sent immediately after you vote) will contain a link to change your vote.

USNC Voting

REMC/845/DV: To approve an amendment to OD-471 to allow remote peer assessment of new applications for Certification Bodies (Candidate RECB) to become a registered and recognized participant in IECRE. (Closes 20-Oct)

This amendment is necessary because all the current RECBs in the PV sector are in China, and travel is still not permitted. NOTE: USNC/IECRE ballots are to be submitted within thirty days to allow for resolution of any comments prior to the IEC deadline.

US/RE/49/DV: Approval of USNC/IECRE membership for Raptor Maps (Closes 16-Oct)

According to the USNC/IECRE Rules of Procedure, membership of U.S. National interested parties shall be approved by the USNC/IECRE by a majority vote of at least two-thirds of the voting members. Voting members are requested to approve the membership application.

REMC/833/DV: Document for Vote: To approve Draft OD-501, Ed. 3 (Closes 13-Oct)

NOTE: US TAG ballots must be submitted prior to the IEC deadline to allow for resolution of any comments. Please request commenting forms from the TAG Secretary ([email protected])

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