Decentralized Electrical Energy Systems

Standards enabling the development of secure, reliable and cost-effective systems with decentralized management for electrical energy supply, alternative/complement/precursor to traditional large interconnected and highly centralized systems. The most popular concept is currently the “microgrid” defined as a group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources with defined electrical boundaries that acts as a single controllable entity and is able to operate in both grid-connected and island mode. Decentralized energy systems have applications for developing countries (focussing on access to electricity) as well as for developed countries (focussing on high reliability, black-out recovery and/or services). Interactions within Decentralized (Multi) Energy Systems should also be considered.

Standardization activities in this proposed SC will proceed with cooperation with concerned TC/SCs and SyCs, including but not limited to IEC SyC Smart Energy, TC 22, TC57, TC64, TC82, TC88, TC 95, TC120.

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