Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Generation

To prepare and coordinate, in co-operation with other TC/SCs, the development of international standards and other deliverables for grid integration of variable power generation from renewables such as PV and wind energy with emphasis on overall system aspects of electricity supply systems (grids) as defined in TC 8 scope, but not covering issues usually covered by regulation such as renewable policies.

SC 8A focuses on the impact of a high percentage of renewables connected to the grid, considering that their variability and predictability impact the functioning of the whole electricity grid. It covers grid integration standards for renewable energy, aggregating contributions of all grid users and prescribing interaction modes between the grid and power plants. This includes requirements for interconnection and related grid compliance tests, as well as standards or best practice documents for planning, modeling, forecasting, assessment, control and protection, scheduling and dispatching of renewables with a grid level perspective.

Note 1: SC 8A deals with the grid level requirements enabling secure, non-discriminatory and cost effective operation of electricity supply systems with a significant share of renewable generation and cooperates with TC 82, TC 88, TC 95, TC 114, TC 115, TC 117, TC 120 and other product committees to ensure technical feasibility and verification of the implementation of the grid level requirements.

Note 2: SC 8A coordinates with TC 8 which covers standards related to Distributed Energy Resources (e.g. interconnection with the grid, design and operation of micro grids).

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