Solar Performance, Buying, Reliability and Maintenance in Photovoltaics: A Review of Practical Solar Information for Investors, Consumers, Engineers, and Installers

Posted on 23 Sep, 2019 By in Category General, Solar, USNC-IECRE

Find the latest research-based information about solar system investment and risk mitigation in this quick review.  Packed with numerous useful links, online tools and essentials, this is recommended for all potential stakeholders, both experts and newcomers to the production of electricity from sunlight. Practical, cost-effective quality assurance certifications, such as the IECRE, are included.  Authored by Katherine Jordan and Sarah Kurtz, PhD, an eminent solar reliability scientist with 30 years of experience, it is useful for anyone contemplating purchasing, building, or investing in a solar energy system, from residential rooftop to large scale utility.