Marine Energy Sector Resource Expert Rick Williams Awarded Fellowship from Marine Technology Society

Posted on 10 Nov, 2020 By in Category General, Marine

Since 1975, the MTS Fellow title has been awarded to MTS members who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the Society’s objectives and who have distinguished themselves in their fields.

CAPT (Ret.) Rick Williams, Founder and Principal, Oregon Applied Research, LLCCAPT (Ret.) Rick Williams has been a member of MTS for over 40 years. Captain Williams is a career mariner and an Explorers Club Fellow Emeritus. As Officer-in-Charge of Deep Submergence Vehicle SEA CLIFF, he oversaw its initial dive to 20,000 feet in the Middle America Trench in 1985. As the Commanding Officer of a nuclear attack submarine, he led two under-ice expeditions to the North Pole. He also spear-headed the conversion of the prototype Joint Command Ship of the Future. Upon retiring from the Navy, Captain Williams worked at Tektronix, SAIC/Leidos, and was a founding board member of the Oregon Wave Energy Trust. He is now a Senior Fellow and doctoral student in energy policy at Portland State University.

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