ARESCA has recently received approval to publish US national adoptions of IEC standards

Posted on 23 Mar, 2023 By in Category General, IEC, USNC-IECRE


The following publications are now available for sale:


  • ANSI/ARESCA 61400-3-1 Design requirements for fixed offshore wind
  • ANSI/ARESCA 61400-3-2 Design requirements for floating offshore wind
  • ANSI/ARESCA 61400-5 Wind turbine blades
  • ANSI/ARESCA 61400-12 series: Power performance measurements of electricity
    producing wind turbines
  • ANSI/ARESCA 61400-25 series: Communications for monitoring and control
    of wind power plants
  • ANSI/ARESCA 61400-50 series: Wind measurement


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