ARESCA submits a proposal to administer the USNC for IECRE

Posted on 13 Sep, 2016 By in Category General

ARESCA submitted a proposal to ANSI (American national Standards Institute) to provide administrative services as the Secretariat for the US National Committee of IECRE. The proposal must be endorsed by the USNC/IECRE committee membership, then approved by the USNC Conformity Assessment Policy Coordinating Committee (CAPCC)

The IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications (IECRE System) aims to facilitate international trade in equipment and services for use in Renewable Energy Sectors while maintaining the required level of safety.


In order to achieve this it:


  • operates a single, global certification system
  • aims for acceptance by local/national authorities or other bodies requiring and benefiting from certification
  • will make use of high quality International Standards and allow for continuous improvement